Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Today's post hoc checklist:

  1. Heat up Turkey soup that I made recently, add extra water to it because it smells pretty strong, toast 2 pieces of bread and spread heart-friendly Becel margarine across them. - DONE
  2. Walk Monty. - DONE
  3. Eat my breakfast (see above). - DONE
  4. Apply for jobs online. - DONE
  5. Field a phone call from Barbara a job agent and respond appropriately to her questions above the position that is in place for the director position, stumble a bit about my .NET experience and tell her I have very little .NET experience. - DONE
  6. Read blogs. - DONE
  7. Walk Monty. - DONE
  8. Begin cleaning house - dust, vacuum, do dishes, wash shower floor with 'CLR', rinse hands of stinging burning 'CLR' cleanser, block up toilet with paper towels. - DONE
  9. Plow through stacks of paper and documents on desk, dispose of useless pamphlets, separate Monty documents from financial documents from employment documents from condominium documents from foster child documents. - DONE
  10. Peruse my new camping and hiking wilderness skills book that Spring got me for Christmas and stare helplessly and longingly at images of various kinds of camp fires and imagine cooking over said fires. - DONE
  11. Phone Spring. - DONE
  12. Phone Spring again. - DONE
  13. Pick Spring and her mum up from Eaton Centre. - DONE
  14. Observe Boxing Day shooting scene. - DONE
  15. Observe cop cars parked nearby. - DONE
  16. Stop at Loblaws and shop for food. - DONE
  17. Get home. - DONE
  18. Walk Monty. - DONE
  19. Eat a little. - DONE
  20. Chat. - DONE
  21. Drink a beer. - DONE
  22. Watch TV. - DONE
  23. Read news online. - DONE
  24. Watch TV. - DONE
  25. Walk Monty. - DONE
  26. Apply for jobs online. - DONE
  27. Put Monty to bed, Spring is already in bed. - DONE
  28. Compose and post blog entry. - DONE
  29. Go to sleep - NOT YET