Sunday, February 26, 2006

I can't figure anything to tie the following comments together

I poured some orange juice on my cereal this morning - my next planned step was to pour a glass of milk. That's getting the order wrong.

Monty likes to watch the park across the road from the balcony
(video) - or on a cold day, from the door looking out onto the balcony, sitting on his pillows, surrounded by various stuffed toys. That's a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I took some photos photo yesterday while driving near Cherry beach and the Leslie Street Spit - more of these high dynamic range photos... I have to use a tripod to stabilize the mount. All the other 50 I took were mangled. That's a nice way to spend a Saturday morning:

Other than cleaning and doing laundry, I am going to read American Scientist, the Magazine of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society. I love it when my copy arrives in the post every 2 months. In this March-April 2006 issue there are some fine articles:

  • How Gecko Toes Stick - Nanostiff, microsquishy hairs engage tiny forces to create a powerful adhesive
  • The Cognitive Psychology of Belief in the Supernatural - A by-product of the ability to reason about the minds of others may offer evolutionary advantage
  • Filaments of Light - Pulsed terawatt lasers produce surprises when shone through air
  • Knot Theory's Odd Origins - Modern knot theory grew out of a 19th-century attempt to explain fundamentals of the universe

That's a nice way to enrich my impoverished mind.