Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jump Through Time With Me, then Tell Me Where You Were Born.

On Thursday, Philogynist and I had lunch. The lunch consisted of triangles with circles of processed ruminent and porcine vertebrates and layers of semi-liquid heat-treated acidic vegetation, along with a protein-matrix interspersed with lipids both extracted from a set of glands from a ruminent on a semi-solid layer of protein and polysacharides derived from a thin vertical life-form with roots in the soil.

Speaking of triangles, I bought a Beef Triangle Kimbab from the little Korean convenience store in my building at work. It is seaweed wrapping containing something like sushi-rice and beef and onions and kim-chi. You can also get Tuna Triangle Kimbabs. I asked the nice lady if it actually should be refridgerated as it was sitting on a shelf. And contained beef and rice. She said no but looked worried. So I bought it and ate it.

It seriously was the tastiest triangular thing I'd had in weeks. Other than the triangle food that Philogynist and I ate. And I had no ill effects. I'm going to get another next week.

Today Spring and I are driving to get Turkish pizza with her folks. Her dad has flown in from Montreal and is jonesing for some lahmacun.

Last evening I made potato and cheese perogies. From frozen. I boiled 'em up. Slowly browned some onions. Set the onions aside. Fried up the perogies in light oil. Added pepper and salt. Plopped them on plates, added sour cream and we ate 'em. Nothing is quite so fulfilling as perogies on a Friday night. A beer helped them through my alimentary tract.

Now that we're finished jumping back and forth in time, let me take you to NOW. Now I know exactly where I was born - in that I have a nice little map of it. Now - go find where you were born. And report back using the comments section below please.