Sunday, March 19, 2006

Old Speckled Hen and Scarface

Matt dropped by last night while Spring was at the Hilton in Manhattan putting her sore feet up and relaxing and Matt and I watched Scarface and discussed camping and bushcraft and requirements analysis and how this differs so importantly from functional specifications and statement of work development and Monty was quite pleased with the extra company and threw his toys about a lot hoping that we would take the bait and play with his toys and though we did I had to warn Matt not to throw Monty's toys about too much because of Monty's sore knee so then Scarface got to the chainsaw scene which was quite gross but at the same time an amazing exploration of Tony Montana's drive to power and then we drank Speckled Hen English Ale and so when 2:40 in the morning came around my eyelids caused me to suspect I needed to sleep but not before Tony Montana rained death upon his adversaries so I then slept and then this morning I learned from Matt how to create animated power point slides to build out a process and I used a flowchart in Visio I had made a year or so ago to illustrate production processes at a company I worked at and I was thoroughly impressed not so much with the silly slide transitions but mainly with how a story could be told with just one slide and I think I will use this at work for a sales presentation I have been asked to make and then Matt went home and then Spring called me from Atlantic City and told me she was gambling and having a great time and that was the funniest thing I'd heard so I had a good chuckle and then made hamburgers using quick cook oatmeal honestly that's true and there were eggs in the mix too and I miss Spring who now is a gambler.