Monday, December 5, 2005

Apocalypse Now

I spent about 30 minutes just now marking up a transcript of Apocalypse Now - for 3 reasons.

  1. I just installed sIFR on my server.
  2. I thought you'd enjoy reading it because it is great and it is embellished with sIFR effects which are amazingly awesomely cooley neat.
  3. To see what viewer response would be to me posting, perhaps, the transcript of Withnail and I. Vote with your comments please: e.g. "I want the finest wines known to humanity and I want them here and I want them now."

Thank you,

'Best Regards',

I hate it when people use 'Best Regards',

But then I use 'All the Best', and I'm sure people hate that too.

But I am quite certain that people who sign off with just 'Best' suck the most.

And who the hell uses 'Thx'? Are they in tertiary stage syphilis, unable to coordinate their limbs? (pardon to all those readers with tertiary stage syphilis. At least you smile all the time, lost in your dementia. )

Eat a Peach (search for it),